Friday, January 08, 2016

"You can smell the crazy coming off them..."

The folks over at Declination have put together a primer for SJW speak.  Some examples are below, more at the link at the bottom.

You are a Racist!” You’re white. And probably male, cis-gendered, and straight. Remember, all white men are racists, and any accusation of racism is prima facie evidence of guilt. Progressive white men can be exempted by proclamation by the SocJus community. But this exemption can be revoked at any time, in which case you revert to being a racist.

“You’re a Misogynist!” You’re white. And probably male, cis-gendered, and straight. Remember, all white men are sexists, and any accusation of sexism is prima facie evidence of guilt. Progressive white men can be exempted by proclamation by the SocJus community. But this exemption can be revoked at any time, in which case you revert to being a sexist.

“You’re an Islamophobe!” You have common sense, which is, of course, a violation of accepted SocJus norms. The only sense you are allowed to have is fed to you by the media. When the media tells you Islam is good and Christianity is evil, you must accept this with no further discussion or demands for evidence.

“You’re a Homophobe.” This one has a bit of nuance to it. This is really code for  being a cis-gendered heterosexual who failed to praise homosexuality with every second breath. However, any homosexual (Milo, basically) who departs from the narrative can be safely attacked. Indeed, failing to insult a conservative homosexual is grounds for immediate expulsion from SocJus and is, paradoxically, proof of homophobia.

For the uninitiated, Social Justice Whiners are the perpetually offended and usually of the leftie persuasion.

As always, your friendly neighborhood Lord High Inquisitor of Capitalism (and literally-Hitler) is always searching for more translations.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Another repeater interviews her keyboard

At Oakleigh about 10.15am, a 16ft boat being towed flipped off the trailer, landing upside-down

When we passed heading southward said trailer was still very much attached to the boat whilst doing "dead ants" as a package.  As shown in the picture below. 

From the picture, more a mechanical failure of the outer stub axle with subsequent detachment of the trailer from the towing vehicle.

The repeater would do well to inspect the picture closely before interviewing her keyboard next time.

And later;

About 11.50am on Saturday a car flipped on its roof on State Highway 1 on the southern side of the Brynderwyn Hills. Three occupants climbed out of the car windows and one person had to be cut out. Mr Atiq said there were no injuries.

The Brynderwyns crash blocked the southbound lane of SH1 and caused a backlog of traffic with many holidaymakers on the road heading home.

Does she want a picture of through traffic clearance mismanagement at the above Brynderwyn SH1/SH12 incident?  3x major lines of holiday traffic being let through at barely 10 vehicles a time when the slightly damaged vehicle could have been towed/pushed off the wide shouldered road onto the verge and dealt with. Not left on the road whilst traffic was blocked 5 km plus in each direction. 

Management of accident sites in NZ is non-existent.  Probably waited an hour or so for the duty bone wearer to arrive and pronounce the road again fit for traffic.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas 1970's style:

Bunnings workers in Wellington, Manawatu and Gisborne have walked off the job and gone on strike.

More than 100 workers from seven stores  in the regions voted to strike for the rest of today after a meeting this morning.

Little Andy's effing unionised scum mates go on strike bang on a major holiday period.  That'll garner massive amounts of cheer and goodwill in late 2015.

So 1970's.  It must be Christmas.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Poverty pimping: Been there, done that

Imagine what it would be like to spend 30 per cent of what you earn on rent, then add power, phone and other unavoidable bills. Now add two kids, then reduce your income to benefit level... it doesn't leave you with much

Been there done that.  With mortgages eating up 38% plus of gross income and two kids. Bloody hard work, took at least a decade before we saw daylight.

And paid all the non-avoidable bills.  Second jobs, just got on with life, daily making decisions like the doctor or do we eat?

report uses the measure severe poverty to describe households with half the national median income after accommodation is paid, as well as lacking seven or more of 17 basic material needs such as a warm, dry house, meat, fish or chicken at least each second day, a waterproof coat, warm clothes, two pairs of shoes and a separate bed for each child

Basic material needs?  The frills like flash clothes or cars, flash TVs or yuppie phones are not basic material needs. Today's lot need to harden up instead of crying poor.

Nothing but poverty pimps who need to get their priorities sorted.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Get the tree guys up to Titirangi when they're finished in New Lynn

A tree company this morning began cutting down about 20 pohutukawa trees on the former Crown Lynn site in the West Auckland suburb

The leftie scum is assembling on site along with some ferals.

Locals and protesters arrived, three of whom, including Greenpeace climate campaigner Steve Abel, scaled the trees

New Lynn MP David Cunliffe is at the site, furious at the loss of the trees

I say get the tree guys straight up to Titirangi to deal with that kauri weed when they're finished in New Lynn.  Whilst Cunners is distracted being interviewed for votes by compliant leftie media, get the real job done.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Follow the money: PWC to get new waterfront bach

Have a squiz at who is involved in PWC's new waterfront bach.

39-level PwC Tower and the 1.1ha Wynyard Quarter innovation precinct project 

will use ANZ, CBA, BNZ, Westpac and HSBC money for the projects

The ratepayers of Auckland have really had their chain yanked with Lying Len's horrendous rate rises for his white elephant millstone of Britomart, the train loop supposedly to nowhere.  Till now.

And another Queen Street vulture surfaces:

Fletcher will demolish the existing low-rise Downtown and excavate to enable City Rail Link tunnels to be built, linking Britomart beneath the former Chief Post Office to Lower Queen St. CRL will then proceed up Albert St as the first stage of that huge transport project, then across to Mt Eden.

and the real owners of the waterfont bach show their faces.

PwC to move in above level 22

No doubt Lying Len will be very happy with his 30 pieces of silver for taking the flak whilst we pay for these Queen Street farmers in pole position on the waterfront, in full north facing sun with a rail terminus at the front door.

They say follow the money.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Labour scum do not support property rights

Labour MP David Cunliffe was this afternoon on his way to the protest.

full support to and the protest to keep this huge tree


Helen Clark's message of support from overseas had given the community a boost

Typical Labour scum.  "What's yours is mine" again proving they do not support property rights.  Just as bad as feral greens leering over your fence complaining about what land owners do on their property.

Another trespasser climbs the young Titirangi kauri

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Another would be trougher dithering at the start line

I have been approached about it by a wide range of people and am currently having a think about it

Another would be trougher dithers about fronting the start line.

She's in good company, her opponent Filk Off has been dithering over announcing whether he will make the start line for months.

Anyway, you've got to wonder about this new addition to the running.  Why would she suddenly desire to move from a no doubt handsomely remunerated trough to the some say lowly paid troughs of local government?

She's possibly got all the form she needs.  Longtime a resident at two comms companies which are now worthless compared to early values, she wants to leave another that has lived off borrowed money forever.  One that has never positively made a dollar since inception with players living high on the hog.   Maybe she can see the writing on the wall.  Will Xero be Enron MkII?

As previously mentioned, this filly obviously has form utilising borrowed largesse.  And unfortunately I feel the result will be more of the same for your ratepayer wallet.

Monday, November 16, 2015

And we pay these pricks?

it is important, amid all the grief and anger in France, that President Francois Hollande's Government and its allies do not respond by simply intensifying a military campaign

The New Zealand taxpayer pays for these apologist pricks in their ivory towers?    Appeasement never works.

The only reaction is to fully close and police French borders, slotting the source of these invading hordes.

French defence official says the country has launched a "massive" series of airstrikes on the Islamic State group's de facto capital in Syria

Meanwhile, albeit a bit slow to react, France has started taking out the trash, doing what needed to be done months ago

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris: Time for some harsh reality

There are those among us that believe we should be tolerant of anything and everything, and that we should eliminate our borders and just let everyone roam freely as they choose, and that we should do all of this as we joyfully hand over our only means of self-defense to the people they have chosen to rule over us.

These people are utterly and profoundly wrong.

Humans created borders for a reason, and we used weapons to defend them for a reason, and we learned to be intolerant of that which threatens us for a reason. Those who believe we can just blindly disregard the lessons of history and discard the wisdom we have gained over the course of societal evolution will force all of us to relearn those lessons if we let them.

Our borders must be secure, and we must retain the right to defend ourselves and our families. Rather than creating “safe spaces” to shield our children from reality, we must teach them to deal with that reality, however harsh it might be.

ISIS does not care about our borders, nor will it obey our gun laws. These people will not respect your safe space, and they see everyone in our gun free zones as a target of opportunity. ISIS is not the problem, however, it is just the latest symptom of a problem that has existed since the dawn of time, and one that we will always have to deal with.

Evil people exist in the world, and we will either have to deal with them or obey them. That is the truth, it is reality, it is harsh, and we have to deal with it.

 We need to relearn some harsh lessons of societal evolution.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Polishing turds

Various enablers, including Mr Plod calling for calm, have had a field day in the media this week. 

Always the "he was such a good boy" or "he was a doting, caring father" accompanied by the pix.

Never about the victims of their previous crimes.  This morning, another example:

Don't worry about the colour of their patch

He was getting his life on track, so that will be a loss for the gang

With the rest of the sob story on the tale of survival, he'll be canonised soon.   FFS, the criminals were on their way to celebrate at a gang pissup.

In my opinion, apart from the odd lone nutter going postal, patched gang members are our worst criminals in New Zealand.   Every single one of them has committed serious crime to gain their patch.  I do not shed one tear for them.

Turd polishing enablers within the community do nothing to get rid of the insidious scourge of gangs in New Zealand. 

Continually talking up the patched crims history, always being unwilling to ban them from the streets and permanently lock up any gang scum, they only enable the next generation clamouring to join.

This is what a nanny state does in its spare time

New York City politician Mark Levine has introduced a bill to assign personal email addresses to 200 of the city's trees

would give email addresses to 200 that are notably old, tall, historical, or just plain odd.

If his bill is passed, signs bearing each tree's email address would be placed on or near them and city parks employees would be tasked with checking the trees' emails, or "treemails," if you will

With all the firewood growing in NZ, I can see the urgent need or a whole new bureaucracy to read treemail and disseminate the global warmist gospel.

NYC looking for work for their drones on the ratepayers dime. Apparently they already do it Melbourne.

Could solve unemployment. Our Labour and tree hugging greenie MPs could fill out their day rather than looking to be permanently victimised as they have this week.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Finally the message gets through

Auckland mayor Len Brown has announced he will not stand for re-election

At last the thieving lying prick gets the message.  Today is truly a day for Aucklanders to celebrate.

His legacy?

He has trashed Jafaland with exorbitant rates rises for his tenure and lowered the Office of the Mayor into the sewer.  He has sold the city out to undemocratic unelected native boards.

Anything to get his name on that plaque in Britomart. 

Brown's announcement he will not seek re-election comes as long-serving Labour MP Phil Goff is poised to confirm his bid for the Auckland Mayoralty

Mind you, if Filk Off's the answer, I'd sooner scratch my eyes out and vote for a piece of scum like Lying Len.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Vodafone taking the p*ss with spam messaging

Just got this spam SMS from VF

We're working hard to make our network work best for you. Next week we're upgrading the area near you, please bear with us as there may be a little disruption

Yeah right!   I see nothing planned for the Dannevegas area next week but note the fault which has been there most of the week remains unresolved. 

I'll believe such self promotional spam when your purported 3G doesn't drop out to GPRS speed during the working day.  And you do not take three weeks to respond to faults logged via email.