Declaration of Equality

There shall be one law for all:
  • I refuse to accept any reference to the Treaty of Waitangi or its principles in any constitutional document.
  • I require that such references be removed from all existing legislation.
  • I require that race-based Parliamentary seats be abolished.
  • I require that race-based representation on local bodies be abolished.
  • I require that the Waitangi Tribunal, which has outlived any usefulness it may have had, be abolished.
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Friday, October 17, 2014

Bogeyman scaremongering with dire warnings [updated]

FBI Director James Comey has warned in stark terms against the push by technology companies to encrypt smartphone data and operating systems

We have the legal authority to intercept and access communications from information pursuant to court order, but we often lack the technical ability to do so

The bogeyman makes dire warnings. The dicks are afraid that Joe Public has had enough of the FBI trawling their daily lives.  You might have the legal right, but you certainly ain't using those rights for public good. Encryption will put the NSA spooks and traitors like Assange, Snowden, Hager out of a job.  IMHO, that is good.

The baddies will already be encrypted to the max if they've any sense.

he could not cite particular instances in which someone was rescued from danger who wouldn't have been had law enforcement been blocked from that information ... cited access to cell phone data aided in a criminal investigation

"Logic tells me there are going to be cases like that,"

Really?  I'd say your logic is nothing but scaremongering.

A footnote: After the massive data breaches of late, which only reinforce nothing in plain text is secure on a network, everything stored online should be encrypted at source, decrypted at point of usage.


Mr Aardvark feels the same way.  You can stick your "for the public good".

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WTF? Key's arrogance astounds.

New Zealanders are likely to get their first vote on a new national flag at the end of next year, Prime Minister John Key says

WTF?  Arrogant prick is buying a fight.  There's nothing wrong with the current flag.  You've really got to wonder why he wants to ditch it.  The alternatives on offer are nothing but sporting or separatist rags.  His fetish of changing the nation's flag is sickening.

I suppose with his endless pandering to the native vote, nek minit he'll be signing off the supposed treaty partnership in a written constitution.  The flag change is a prelude to the main event of handing the country back to the separatists.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Another Labour loser tosses in the towel

David Cunliffe has pulled out of the race to be Labour's new leader

Cunliffe was forced by his caucus to resign after last month's election drubbing

Another Labour loser. The remaining candidates will fare no better.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Time for an OIA on underhanded dirty tactics by councils

Mr Nager's manager at the Northland Regional Council, Tess Dacre, learnt he had been in contact with Mr Pope and asked him for copies of the text messages. Mr Pope obliged, treating it as a request under the Official Information Act.

Mr Nager said he found out the NRC had obtained his text messages when he requested his personnel file.

"I thought, 'What's this?' I gave my ex-boss a call and it all unfolded from there. They (NRC) got my messages off someone else's phone. That's really underhanded. You don't expect that degree of snooping. I don't know what they were hoping to find."

Definitely underhanded tactics from the council overlords.  Even the toothless watchdog said so.

the Privacy Commissioner, who has ruled that the council breached the Privacy Act when it accessed text messages sent by Mr Nager in the days following the attack

Country wide, I wonder how many any other OIA "give us the dirt" requests have been made by one council of another local government entity in their quest to always show who's in control.  Must be a good topic for an OIA and would wager it could unearth extensive underhanded dirty politicking in the halls of local government. 

Anyone up for an OIA?

Rank stench of green hypocrisy

Calf induction: The business end of getting your late cycling cow back on herd schedule.  Cattle abortion industry by another name.

The treehuggers screamed so much about this obscene practice of induction it is about to be made illegal.

Each year, farmers buy bulls whose job it is to get their cows pregnant.

Nine months later, calves are born, and the cows are given about a month to recover, before the two-month mating window opens up again. Now, occasionally a cow or two gets pregnant a little late.

That puts it out of sync with the rest of the herd, and makes things difficult for the farmer.

They are left with the choice of killing the calf and rebooting the cow's cycle, or killing the cow.

Aborting the calf is cheaper and easier.

former Green MP Sue Kedgley called the practice "inhumane and cruel"

All in, works for the loonies worldview as part of their endless 'dirty dairying' crusade.  But probably good they stood up for the welfare of cattle.

Now to another obscene "induction" industry closer to our species.  Indeed an equally foul practice, but one that the same treehuggers have long and loudly supported.

She never mentioned whether human induction was "inhumane and cruel". Nor did she talk about the need to get human induction drugs off the market.

She didn't talk about the duty of care all doctors have towards human life, and how they must surely be in breech of that as they snuff out little lives day after day in human induction clinics.

What Kedgley had done, a year before, was give a speech advocating human induction, saying "it's incredible that abortion is still such a contentious and divisive issue"

The putrid stench of rank greenie hypocrisy is strong.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Cafe owner apologises, relinquishes man card

As per normal, someone is offended.

"Oscar Pistorius was super keen to get a new bathroom door, but his girlfriend was dead against it," ran the joke printed on receipts from Wednesday until complaints started flooding in yesterday

What really gets up my nose is the number of males that do something, then apologise and retract 5 minutes later when someone calls them out in social media.  Twatter and Facebook are nothing but a platform for the permanently offended. 

If you're gutsy enough to do it initially, real men would have the cojones to tell the offended to f**k off.  He's proved himself to be more likely a 'metro man' Labour voter type used to having to apologise for being a man. 

Needs to harden up!

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Key: More of the same old

National had agreed to work with the Maori Party on a range of priority areas including Whanau Ora, the Ministerial Committee on Poverty and Maori economic and regional development.

Key said there was no effective difference between the new Maori Development portfolio and the old Maori Affairs one

Re-arranging the deck chairs in name only, we're in for more of the same old, never one to grasp the nettle.

Ever desperate to retain control at any cost, especially since he now does not have a majority, Key agrees to continue pandering to the racist vote. 

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Another treehugging feral from the list scum makes it to the trough

The final count is in.  Labour's officially no longer a 24% loser. 

Labour's vote increased slightly from 24.69 per cent to 25.13 per cent

25% is still 5/8ths of SFA.  Losers.

In other news, another tree hugging feral scum list watermelon makes it back into the trough at the expense of an absolute Nat majority.  Pity it couldn't have been something better for the country like union scum or Mr Moa from Labour losing their seat.

List MP Steffan Browning will return to Parliament
National Party can no longer govern alone as the final election results left them with one fewer seat than on election night.
National's failure to win an outright majority means it will have to depend on either the Act Party, United Future or the Maori Party to get its bills and budgets passed.

Now the Nats have no mandate, they will be chasing votes from United, Act and the racist Maori Party.  Standby to be shafted with more unwanted culture as Key panders to the one man parties.

Special rates from local government if you're a native trougher

With various councils around the bazaars usurping democracy by installing dozens of unelected troughers by virtue of their skin colour, some in the populace can now get special rates for their land.

future rates had been set at a level that allowed for the land's long-term productivity without being a burden

Nice one.  If your land is deemed to have poor productivity, this council will rate such land lower.  Only one catch - you've got to have unproductive land.  Oh and the right skin tone.

Mr Carter said he and council staff had negotiated that outcome by the legitimate use of council policies and the Local Government Rating Act 2002.

There are no losers in this situation, only winners, within the law and with co-operation from all parties involved.

No losers?  Bollocks!  I read that they've only fronted the current years rates, not arrears and now it appears you've established a race based precedent. I guess some rates are better than none, as is current on most native land.

As my rates are always a burden of governmental waste, I look forward to my totally unproductive acres being being zero rated by my local government tsars in the future.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

And, in the red corner...

ABC wins!

Goff, Shearer, now Cunliffe.  Another Labour loser joins the ranks of has been leftie wannabes.  The list grows, who will be the next to sup from the poisoned cup?  

But at least now we'll get to see the real blood sport entertainment as the queers take on the unions.  Handbags at 20 paces!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Labour Party policies left much to be desired


1. $60 a week baby bonus - where did this help families that are having a tough time now? It didn't, it's a stupid idea.
2. Raising minimum wage twice in the coming year - another stupid idea. Why on earth would you raise something that should be seen as entry level only?
3. Doubling paid parental leave - something that is not as popular as some would have us believe. The taxpayer should not be paying for this.
4. Handing more money to those on benefits - the benefit system is fairly generous and handing out even more money is not the way to stop people staying on benefits for life.
5. Capital gains tax - no problem with that if the family home is left out of the equation, but if someone inherits their family's primary residence, this should also be tax free. My children shouldn't have to be taxed on what I leave to them.
6. Raising superannuation age - why on earth pick on the elderly when so many youth are unemployed? Fix unemployment first.
7. Focussing too much on gender selection, gay rights etc - mainstream NZ are not interested.

Suggested fixes:

1. Leave David Cunliffe where he is - changing leaders all the time is not a good look.
2. Go back to core principles such as fairness in everything, not just wanting to tax the better off to give to those that choose their lifestyle of not working.
3. Tax free threshold of at least $10,000 instead of tax cuts.
Tax cuts only benefit the wealthy. A tax free threshold, which could steadily rise over time, benefits everyone the same - the poorer people will benefit and the wealthy will save it. It's a win win all round.
4. Do not raise minimum wage. Instead, reinstate service allowances like we used to have years ago, where the longer you stayed at a job the higher your wage was.
There is no point raising minimum wage for entry level jobs, it should not be a career choice. But if you keep putting it up you must also raise everybody else's salaries accordingly, to be fair.
5. I do agree with National's policies on beneficiaries and state housing. We shouldn't accept these people for life in a house or on a benefit.
6. Stop focussing on gender issues, mainstream New Zealand does not care about this.
I note Louise Wall moaning about losing votes because of her gay marriage bill and she is right on the money with that. New Zealanders wanted a referendum on that, nothing more, yet were denied and she has paid the price for arrogance.
7. Stop pandering to those in society who do not get out and vote. That was a big mistake this time. All those handouts you were offering were for those that are too lazy to go and vote, so what a waste of time that was.

8. Keep away from the Greens - sorry, but they will turn New Zealand back a century or two - they did not help you last time.

Damned right about the treehuggers!  They are the kiss of death for any party looking for a coalition partner.

The rest is common sense, which those that actually voted appear to have in spades rejecting Labour's bribes.  As at #7, stop trying to bribe the indolent bludgers, they will not get off their arses to vote.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A fog of arseholes

what the figures very definitely do not show is all the many tens of thousands of projects, plans or developments, that never even get off –or even on to -- the drawing board because everybody who would be involved knows the planners will never, ever allow them.  

These projects are simply stillborn, never to see either the light of day, nor the fog of a self-interested statistical analysis.

These would-be developments are simply unseen, unmeasured and unbuilt, unlike the few projects that do slip through the planners’ net, about which they crow as if they themselves were responsible.


The erudite Mr Cresswell sees through a fog of arseholes and notes the Town Planning Turkeys will not be voting for an early Christmas.


Basics of finance is beyond Gen Y

Generation Y have rapidly declining prospects of owning a home.

are borrowing up a storm on the likes of personal loans and credit cards

Blinged up to the eyeballs on maxed out credit cards whilst living in six-figure households and still complaining?  The entitled looking for more government support via my wallet?  Well, you can p*ss off!

Your supposed poverty of housing is self inflicted.  Somewhere along the line the stark choice is:  Bling or a house?

They want to try living on spaghetti and baked beans for a couple of years after buying their first house whilst servicing a 20% second mortgage as most of your property owning rich prick parents did a generation or more ago.  It's hard going, but it does work long term and you too will be one day a rich prick.

Albert Einstein: ''the most powerful force in the universe''... ''he who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it.''

And then we have this piece of financial wizardry seemingly unknown to today's generation.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NZ made the right decision

David Cunliffe is now in an all-out war with with his caucus. At an extraordinary press conference at Parliament this morning, the Labour leader insisted he would not step aside as leader

reiterated his desire for a leadership primary - but refused to acknowledge that the only way such a primary could be triggered was for the caucus to deliver a vote of no confidence in him

a train wreck

Whilst these clowns knife each other to see if they've got the guts to roll him, New Zealand can rejoice that the Right decision was made last Saturday.