Thursday, January 02, 2020

"the world is warming" ... 3-2-1!

Icy white glaciers on New Zealand's South Island have turned a concerning shade of caramel as a result of the bushfires burning in New South Wales and Victoria

No doubt the warmists amongst us that infest Ey-Oh-Tea-A-Rower will claim "climate change" or something similiar as the root cause.

I'd say that shade of caramel this year will accelerate the demise of NZ's snowpack and glaciers.  Wonder for how many eons that's been happening?

ps. I see the She-Beast that destroyed the Land of the Long White Cloud from a previous eon manages to get air-time in the same article.

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Get over yourselves, it's a cartoon!

The easily offended are out in droves today.

He responded to criticism in 2013, writing: "There have been other hostile reaction to cartoons over the years, most often from special interest groups, race relations conciliators and other martyrs to political correctness." 

Tremain got it right the last time.

Please convince me...

Ngati Whatua Orakei has long harboured an ambition to ... our former land and Waitemata seabed ...

... master plan for the reclaimed land currently occupied by the Ports of Auckland

It would seem that some wish for first dibs on the soon to be ex-port land if Winston First's vote buying exercise comes to fruition.  No doubt as in the picture accompanying the pay-walled article, to build chiefly accommodations for the tribal elite.

Please convince me why should these modern day would-be thieves should have any rights to the soon to be redundant port area.  Other than their possibly BFF Shane has a wad of taxpayer cash that needs to be homed before next year's election.

An area where Point Britomart was probably levelled into those reclamations.  The same re-claimed land that what was probably muddy sea bed of dubious qualities pre-1840 or so, rather than the 21st century now prime seashore frontage. 

No doubt the good city burghers of the day designated and acquired adjacent hard foreshore areas with a fair price from the local owners, be it beads and blankets or a few shillings more and subsequently paid for by the taxpayers of the day.

Go on, convince me why should these would-be thieves have rights above that of the current owners, Jafaland taxpayers?

Sunday, November 17, 2019

WTF #34258 in a series???

Yet again the poor wee darlings are getting triggered...

going to a supermarket can leave her feeling guilty and overwhelmed about the amount of plastic present

was surprised when he started sweating and wanting to flee during a "suffocating" visit to his local supermarket in Auckland three weeks ago

Counsellors and psychologists are seeing an increase in patients presenting with plastic-triggered anxiety

The enablers of such dim-wittery, the so called counsellors who are ever present in our institutions and places of education, should be banned from practicing their modern witchcraft.

If you want to eat in this modern world of just-in-time food sourcing and consumption, you need to appreciate all the things that our oil based society does for you.  Including the fuel that got you and your food to the little shop of horrors, on that oil based roadway.

Harden up snowflakes!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Assisted suicide / Murder your Granny day has arrived

David Seymour's End of Life Choice bill faces its final Parliamentary hurdle tonight

Even after having witnessed the pain and suffering of dying close relatives, there is still no way I could ever support today's Murder your Granny bill becoming law. 

Making such a decision for assisted suicide is not an option I personally could live with.  Or should ever force on to those in terminal care.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

National decides to remain in opposition forever

National will support the Zero Carbon Bill

Those at National will never get my vote whilst they support this business destroying climate change / carbon nonsense.

Enjoy your next 4 years and longer in opposition as your Labour-Lite follows the herd into the abyss of socialism, as I long for a principled right of centre party.   And ACT is not that with their current loopy assisted suicide / murder your granny policies.

Whilst business in New Zealand is gutted by greenie ferals, the world will continue unabated.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

TSB: Last of the big spenders

The three teams that earned no money at on The Block NZ: Firehouse auction are to get a little sweetener.

TSB, a sponsor of The Block NZ, has announced it will give $10,000 to each of the losing teams

6 people work for 12 weeks at a minimum of 40 hours a week as unpaid captives on the recently completed reality show for losers.  All for the high grossing sponsors who happily charge like the proverbial for their way overpriced products.

TSB gets a conscience twinge and coughs some dollars for the losers who failed at auction.

By my calcs sub-$10.50/hr and likely to be way lower given the hours. Don't we have minimum wage laws about slave labour?  Even the supposed winners worked for less than $50/hr based on their takings.

Betcha the judges, the presenter and the site supervisor achieved well north of $100 plus. Also I'd be surprised that the tradies didn't get paid handsomely.

How effing generous of TSB.  Not! 

All the sponsors should be publicly shamed and patronage withdrawn.

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Look! A squirrel!

As the New Zealand Labour Party descends into the rabbit hole of ever expanding allegations, innuendo and coverups over a certain summer camp, the Princess of NZ fails to comment citing the item is before the judiciary. 

Meanwhile, a squirrel has been seen.  The bearer of that news should Foxtrot Oscar and stay away from further wrecking NZ.  The Princess is doing a good job of that by herself, don't interrupt her.  Seems to be a female trait.

And in the end it's always the coverup that's going to get them. 

Alluvium and taniwha

The science with consequences:

Alluvial fans are often ... subjected to periodic flash floods from nearby thunderstorms in local hills. The typical watercourse ... has a large, funnel-shaped basin at the top, leading to a narrow defile, which opens out into an alluvial fan at the bottom. Multiple braided streams are usually present and active during water flows.

The river or stream carrying the sediment flows at a relatively high velocity due to the high slope angle, which is why coarse material is able to remain in the flow. When the slope decreases rapidly into a relatively planar area or plateau, the stream loses the energy it needs to move its sediment. Deposition subsequently occurs and the sediment ultimately spreads out, creating an alluvial fan.

Fast forward to the 21st century:

Up pops yet another climate seer ready to infest our local government. With more rates required of course.

says councils are having difficulty making climate-related decisions generally but they need to make sure Māori interests aren't forgotten

local councils could be making decisions that create problems for the Crown for modern Treaty breaches

And in the same article, the local tribalists have their say, ever ready to accept more bribes whilst not being beholden to anyone but themselves.  I also see one convicted ex-MP fraudster has thrown her outstretched hands into the mix.

The Māori legend was this flooding happens when occasionally the lizard flicks its tail and washes everything out from side to side

We will continue to seek resourcing from them to support our efforts but we're not waiting for them to determine what those efforts should be

Meanwhile in the real world:

No sign of mythical monsters anywhere in Greece where only optimists build on alluvial fans.  Or on Mars for that matter.  Earthquakes and rain do not mix.

Saturday, August 03, 2019

NZ is ruled by a mob

In my opinion Ardern has crossed the line, she has interfered in a contractual arrangement between two consenting parties. By so doing she has opened the door to future protests and expectations that all protesters have to do is foment trouble and they will get what they want.

The message this sends to business and investors and anyone concerned with the rule of law is in my view a very negative one. It suggests that NZ is ruled by a mob, to which a weak PM yields.

This decision by Ardern to involve herself in this dispute is ill-judged and wrong.

A short but well said summary of proceedings.

I see the head truck driver that supposedly leads said mob is to grace the  site with his presence today.

Kiingi Tūheitia is visiting Ihumātao this morning with the aim to “seek a pathway for resolution”

No doubt further emboldening the shit stirring rabble.

Friday, August 02, 2019

A flowchart for Boris


flogged from here.  No Deal is the only option.

Enslaved in bureaucracy - what the people really want

keep the British people enslaved in the bureaucratic nightmare.

To remind Johnson and his government in the simplest of terms,  some of the issues about which the British people care the most:

They want an end to open border mass immigration and imposed multi-culturalism.

They want to stop surrendering control over their laws, money, borders and fishing grounds to the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union. (i.e. they want to leave the EU)

They want an end to the continued influx of refugees when there is a shortage of housing, school places, money, health care provision and compounded by a breakdown in law and order.

This issue is especially annoying when the oil rich states of the middle east have the money, the space and the facilities but refuse to take any refugees whatsoever.

They want an end to wasting ever increasing sums of money on foreign aid to dictators and frivolous causes abroad when there is a desperate shortage of money for investment at home.

They want to stop wasting billions of taxpayer's money on a futile attempt to alter the climate by the end of the century. They want an end to the nonsense about a climate emergency, there isn’t one

If there was there’s nothing on this tiny island we can do to stop it.

They want an end to the curtailment of their ancient freedoms by the imposition of rigidly policed political correctness. This includes freedom of speech and the right to form opinions and speak about them openly without fear of arrest by zealous, agenda driven police officers.

I will conclude by saying that the British people demand that we leave the corrupt and failing European Union and all its institutions absolutely and entirely on October 31st, 2019. 

A summary of what people really want, as Mr Johnson's 90-day clock rather quickly runs down.  Let's hope he succeeds with his No Deal.

As highlighted by me, all of it is totally applicable here in Godzone.

This year, upcoming local government wannabees looking for my vote would do well to heed the above.  Politicians of all stripes in central government looking for my vote in 2020 again should take note of what people really want.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Property rights in NZ? At about 30.

Prior to the Princess jetting off to sunnier climes again for yet another holiday on the taxpayer dime, she set property rights in New Zealand back centuries.

Here's a scale of where countries sit on property rights:

Each country is graded according to the following criteria:
  • 100—Private property is guaranteed by the government. The court system enforces contracts efficiently and quickly. The justice system punishes those who unlawfully confiscate private property. There is no corruption or expropriation.
  • 90—Private property is guaranteed by the government. The court system enforces contracts efficiently. The justice system punishes those who unlawfully confiscate private property. Corruption is nearly nonexistent, and expropriation is highly unlikely.
  • 80—Private property is guaranteed by the government. The court system enforces contracts efficiently but with some delays. Corruption is minimal, and expropriation is highly unlikely.
  • 70—Private property is guaranteed by the government. The court system is subject to delays and is lax in enforcing contracts. Corruption is possible but rare, and expropriation is unlikely.
  • 60—Enforcement of property rights is lax and subject to delays. Corruption is possible but rare, and the judiciary may be influenced by other branches of government. Expropriation is unlikely.
  • 50—The court system is inefficient and subject to delays. Corruption may be present, and the judiciary may be influenced by other branches of government. Expropriation is possible but rare.
  • 40—The court system is highly inefficient, and delays are so long that they deter the use of the court system. Corruption is present, and the judiciary is influenced by other branches of government. Expropriation is possible.
  • 30—Property ownership is weakly protected. The court system is highly inefficient. Corruption is extensive, and the judiciary is strongly influenced by other branches of government. Expropriation is possible.
  • 20—Private property is weakly protected. The court system is so inefficient and corrupt that outside settlement and arbitration is the norm. Property rights are difficult to enforce. Judicial corruption is extensive. Expropriation is common.
  • 10—Private property is rarely protected, and almost all property belongs to the state. The country is in such chaos (for example, because of ongoing war) that protection of property is almost impossible to enforce. The judiciary is so corrupt that property is not protected effectively. Expropriation is common.
  • 0—Private property is outlawed, and all property belongs to the state. People do not have the right to sue others and do not have access to the courts. Corruption is endemic.

I'd say by pandering to the Mangere mob of stirrers she has put property rights at 30 in NZ where 'expropriation is possible'.

Property ownership is weakly protected - check - the government doesn't believe in your rights as some are seen as more equal than others.
The court system is highly inefficient - check - try keeping your project on track through the courts to enforce your rights.
Corruption is extensive - check - read koha will fix anything from mythical monsters to colonisation.
The judiciary is strongly influenced by other branches of government - check - read ToW con-artists with their ever outstretched hands prevail at all levels of government and society.
Expropriation is possible - check - just ask Fletchers about where their project stands now that the rabble rousers have encamped upon their land.

Going on her previous utterances, to paraphrase

"Property rights? You'll know when you see one"

Friday, July 26, 2019

A concerned citizen writes...

Their are likely to be a fight with the Natives soon at the Bay in consequence of Honi Heki having again cut down the Flag Staff and taken away all the Blocks and ropes belonging to the same the sooner it comes to a fight the better as they have now got so saucy there are no living for them.

The Governor is such a Weather Cock that it is not safe to do anything, as the Mauries may come and destroy all one has in the Country, and still you have no redress he is again sending to Sydney for Troops and says he is determined to give them a thrashing this time I sincerely hope he will do so

Came across this excerpt in an 1845 letter from a concerned citizen

He notes that the government of the day is useless, incapable of decision, swinging this way and that whilst he opines that idle natives are not good for would be colonising settlers.  And only 5 years after Queen Vic made them all British subjects to stop such carrying on.

Fast forward 174 years, as we watch Bastion Point 2.0 unfolding, I see nothing has changed, with many idlers and fellow travellers coming to 'destroy all one has in the Country'.

Possibly the 'saucy' are still in need of a good thrashing.  They got away with Bastion Point 1.0, now a new generation of idlers is trying it on.