Saturday, January 21, 2012

And the Tui goes to...

Meridian Energy says it remains committed to its proposed Mokihinui dam on the West Coast following its decision to pull the pin on a controversial $2 billion wind farm in Otago

Now that you've cracked under nimby pressure over a few windmills in the back of beyond, history will mark that down as Gordon River type win, giving activists a leg up to go the whole hog against all corporate development.

Economically and viability-wise, it remains a very attractive project

Where's the Tui? Do you really expect the anti-business activist nutters that plague our country will give you a free pass on building a dam across a creek a few poxy kayakers might make use of?

Come on Meridian, the game is over with your capitulation. Anyone in their right mind would think you've been scuppering the Tui.

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Mort said...

we should actually rejoice at this decision, because it means the rest of the generation in NZ doesn't have to subsidize the inefficient pieces of shit, so the electricity commission won't have an excuse to stick it's fingers further into our wallets.
There is a whole heap of Natural gas about to come onstream in the very near future in NZ. LNG powered generation is seen as least environmentally damaging, and the process is a shit load more efficient. It will be a damn sight easier getting Gas generation thru the RMA process, so why waste valuable resources (which would have had to have been borrowed, and we all know that pile of crap is starting to cause fiscal drag).

We need to drill, pipe and then burn gas and turn it into electricity to give producers a win for once, and who knows, perhaps reduce the deficit by allowing the private sector to create some damn jobs, and get people off the friggin dole.