Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Council troughers to log hours for pay...

Regional council politicians may have to keep a logbook of their hours in order to justify new pay rates likely to be introduced next year ahead of local body elections.

The Remuneration Authority, which sets the level of pay for each council, is proposing a new model.

Currently, each council is allocated a pool of money and it is up to councils to decide how it is divided between their councillors.

I can see it all now.  Cooking time sheets on a grand scale, justifying their existence.

Councillor Hohepa 'Trougher' Bloggs timesheet for the week ending 21 Dec 2012
Assisting ratepayers - 1 hour
Fiddling the logbook - 39 hours
Total - 40 hours

Another stupid idea from those in charge of the asylum.


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Anonymous said...

and MPs all get a backdated payrise Christmas pressie. Fair enough?