Monday, May 25, 2015

National scum MP tries to jump ship

ACTs Brash:   whether National's Pakuranga MP Maurice Williamson could join the party

ACT rightly unanimously rejected him, not wanting a failed pollie willing to ditch principle for personal interests near their party.  The MP for vested interests in Pakuranga has already shown a penchant for supporting far left family wrecking causes, so jumping ship is not unexpected.

One might ask whether he should be an MP at all.   As an aside, with the Natz having moved so far left, all their MPs should be asked whether they uphold long held stated National principles.

But the nice Mr Key has it covered.  Head in the sand, he says:-

he is still a dedicated member of the caucus and there is no concern

Time will tell, especially when he will be loudly reminded of those words, should a bye-election occur in the near future.

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