Thursday, August 06, 2015

The deluded: 'not a Maori land rights issue'

A Manurewa property owner who has not paid her rates in five years faces losing her house in a court-ordered mortgagee sale for the sake of an $11,700 debt.

But the unrepentant owner is refusing to back down, saying she does not recognise Auckland Council's authority and her property is not for sale.
The house is not their house to take. I own the house which is fully paid for.

Never thought I'd say this about a council.  I heartily applaud the council for having the guts to make a few examples of these free loaders in forcing sales to pay outstanding rates.

she could afford to pay the outstanding rates, she refused to do so. The issue was not a Maori land rights issue "as such". "It's got everything to do with the rights of people all over."

Ms Marsh, who works for KiwiRail, told the Herald she had paid her rates to the rightful landowner - Arikinui o Tuhoe - and she refused to recognise the council's authority over the land.

Eh?  Who the f**k are these supposed rightful landowners?   To me it just looks like another of the deluded pushing the sovereignty barrow.   Sell the asbestos ridden 1950s fibre cement property to clear the freeloader's rates debt.

Now all that is needed now to make my day is for Mr Key to settle the false interpretations the deluded have over who holds sovereignty in New Zealand.  Unfortunately that will never happen whilst Tinkerbell is in his pay.

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