Friday, November 24, 2017

Keeping an eye on dodgy government appointees, crony-by-crony!

Occasionally I trawl the sewers of the feral left.  Just so you don't have to.

With Aunty Snaggletooth was recently seen in the news pleading with an ancient recently touted as 'the fresh face of Labour' for some freebie dentistry (supposedly not affordable on her top 0.00001% wage), I hear H2 has also been installed in Snaggletooth Junior's retinue of political cronies.  Or was it crones?

Anyway here's another crony about to reap a massive taxpayer stipend.  Not content with buggering the NZ economy with KiwiRail I thought he already had another overpaid job buggering NZ Post.

Former Labour Finance Minister Sir Michael Cullen will chair the Government's controversial tax working group

I guess this leftie blog post will be shortly updated to reflect the current state of affairs.  /sarc


Anonymous said...

And how many people exactly voted for Cullen? Don't ya just love MMP? Basically
the voters handed the power back to the pollies with this daft system!
Unelected and unaccountable. NZ is screwed.

Anonymous said...

Of course your beloved Winnie will save the day because he's ethical, sober, hardworking etc. I'm amazed that his voter base thought he'd be other than the self serving and vindictive useless bastard he's shown himself, repeatedly, to be. I agree we are in trouble - a pox on all the political houses.


Anonymous said...

I wish Winnie would just step on a mine, taking him out of the scene, once and for all. Surely the most dishonest, sleaziest, most selfish and egotistical politician this country has ever seen? Did I also mention laziest and prone to ruthless grudges?
Power-hungry and arrogant? Winston, hope you enjoy your 'legacy', which was nothing more than furious revenge and self-serving utu. NZ First, RIP.