Sunday, April 29, 2018

LabourLite jumps the shark

National leader Simon Bridges has pledged his party will have a strong environmental focus

LabourLite has been slurping the Koolaid, jumps a shark moving to the far left by promoting more of the climate change scam.

And these pricks wonder why they're called LabourLite and haemorrhage votes.

New Zealand needs a party on the right willing to take action unwinding this nonsense.  LabourLite, ACT or 'BlueGreens' are definitely not the answer.


The Veteran said...

Don't you think it might be possible to be pro the environment without subscribing to the climate change canard lock stock and barrel. Simple things like the 'Trees on Farms' initiative promoted by Dairy NZ is becoming increasingly mainstream in farmers thinking. That's what Bridges and the Blue-Greens are on about and more power to their elbows.

PM of NZ said...


Bridges and Blue Greens strike me as wannabe wet lefties ever ready to ditch principle for votes. Modern farmers already value the environment through riparian and tree plantings, QEII convenants, steep slope retirements and the like. Those farmers do not need politicians or extra unwarranted legislation to make any of that possible. Other so-called farmers willing to rape the environment are already well covered in legislation. When eco-terrorist minorities like Fish & Game, Evironmental Defence Society, regional councils and greenies get onboard the whole shebang becomes a political climate change canard. Sticking to long-held principle would be a good place for LabourLite rather than moving ever leftward chasing green votes.