Thursday, March 21, 2019

Never let a crisis go to waste

On 15 March our history changed forever 

The week so far:

The Ides of March 2019 was when the purge of conservative voices in New Zealand began in earnest.  I note that MacDoctor has been silenced.  The kaffir management at Ray White has seen fit to fire a couple of agents that are not speaking the narrative.

Every stripe of politician was desperate to be seen over the week front and centre.  Exuding empathy of course.  Not political point scoring.  A dingo brat egged a Senator over the ditch and managed to miss an assault charge.  And a whole lot of leftard nobodies fed the msm with clickbait for the masses.

On Saturday morning less than 24 hours in as the country was absorbing the tragedy, H1 gave Cindy her orders from afar to ban guns.  And so it comes to pass today 6 days later.

Proven criminals in the form of mobsters have offered their services and have been war dancing trying to ingratiate themselves into the community.  Whilst still plying their Mafia like core skills of thuggery and peddling drugs 24/7.  A bit like the Germans still trying to rejoin the human race half a century or so on after their last big outing.

I see the Foreign Minister is off to bait some Europeans.  Maybe another Kashoggi coming up says the PM of Turkey.

Democracy in the Judeo-Christian New Zealand went completely out the door.  Never let a crisis go by is the mantra of the purge.  Shades of the Night of the Long Knives of another age.

Tomorrow your ears will assaulted with wailing from a minaret near you.  Welcome to the newest sharia state - The Republik of Jacindastan.  

Never mind, H1 will be back soon to annointed as the inaugural first female Prez as Cindy ditches her scarf of empathy then disappears off to the globalist den of thieves.

Yes indeed, our history has changed in 6 short days.  God help us.

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Lindsay Mitchell said...

MacDoctor's is an opinion always worthy of note. I have agreed and disagreed with him. But he is smart and considered. A voice we need to hear.