Saturday, May 23, 2020

LabourLite lurches further left into the abyss

He also left the door open to a possible post-election deal with the Green Party, saying he rates its co-leader James Shaw "very highly"

Just how far left is LabourLite going?  Not content with supporting climate change idiocy, the new village idiot in charge of the Nats now wants to work with the watermelon Communists.

As previously posted - a vote for (or not) National will result in same outcome - socialist demands bending NZ Inc. over the table for a full on rogering of the worst kind. 

Are there any truly right of centre offerings for voters in New Zealand?  Full on God botherers are excluded.

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Alan said...

There is no party right of center in this country. Act are more Libertarian if anything and New Conservative are not going anywhere. Future is bleak for any party even center right, I consider National a party of the left these days.