Thursday, October 04, 2012

Reams of untruths in my letter box

Some crowd of rabid ferals from a group calling themselves FrackFree Tararua stuffed a double sided A4 sheet of untruths about the supposed dangers fracking in our letter box yesterday.  As if our great rural delivery postie hasn't got enough to do daily delivering windowed envelopes without also having to cart that claptrap to my letterbox.

I'll be using that sheet to consume more carbon the very next time I light my fire on the next chilly night.  Imagine how toasty my house might be if I could tap into one of those fracked bores.  Pity I couldn't stuff some of the frack-free fruitloops whipping up local anti-mining sentiments into the firebox as well.  Or maybe even better, a burning at the stake in the public square for out and out entertainment value.

Maybe 'reams of untruths' was stretching it, but I firmly believe in mine it, drill it, sell it!

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