Monday, July 15, 2013

Positive outcome from Welfare Cull: At least she'll be working and not bludging

fears she could be forced to work on the streets if her sickness benefit is cut

Poor hard done by bennie.  Obviously well enough to protest, but apparently sick enough to bludge off hard working taxpayers.

brutal assault on the wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of children and adults who are dependent on the state for survival

That didn't take long for the aggrieved to find a media outlet willing to listen to the supposed tale of woe.  At least in the oldest profession she might become a net taxpayer.  And it will be a legal occupation.

Love the positive message of a "welfare cull".

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the conservative said...

As in Black Adder:

"You can become a prostitute; you can work from home; you can work on your back...."

Or something like that.