Monday, July 22, 2013

Small jolt: Not the big one, but beltway in chaos

Well I never.  All the emergency services running round checking things after a series of small quakes.  A few sinkholes in the CBD, cracked plaster and minor masonry falls.  Not 'the big one', but Wellytown is off air for hours.

Speaking of headless chooks, that TV One video clip of the office staff ducking for cover was great.  Except one who ran around the office full of desks twice and still couldn't find cover.  Priceless!  I'm sure someone will do a parody video of that few seconds.  The lady needs to be interviewed and asked 'Do you panic often?'.

I wonder how many beltway lemmings will pull a sickie and not return to the city centre today from their weekend lifestyle blocks to pay their mortgages?  And will the beltway drones be thinking of England as they proceed to work through all those rickety NZ Rail tunnels?

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alwyn said...

You appear to have an interesting idea on what is a "small" quake.
The Christchurch earthquake in Feb, 2011 was 6.3 on the Richter scale.
The Wellington one the other day was 6.5.
I presume that if Wellington was "small" then Christchurch was completely insignificant