Friday, June 27, 2014

Labour keen to lift scabs for votes

Labour will take a fresh look at foreshore and seabed legislation after winning the general election

Cunliffe told ... Whangarei he thought Labour would today admit it was wrong with its foreshore and seabed laws denying court challenges

The desperation for votes from the native quarter is strong.  Scratching the just healed scab of that recently settled legislation will only raise the ire of voters in other quarters.  The coast must remain in Crown hands without native ticket clippers controlling beach access.

Their mantra of "Offer any bribe for votes" continues elsewhere.

Cunliffe said a new Labour Government would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour before Christmas and boost it again next April.

Within its first 100 days in office Labour would dump legislation allowing employers 90 days to fire new staff, banning smoko breaks, removing protection for contract workers and other controversial measures.

More scabs to be lifted for votes and expose the festering divisive politics underneath.

God help us.  Unfortunately, like their two MP's that saw reason crossing the floor last night, Labour has a continuing problem with scabs.

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