Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Twisting the knife

The saga of the jilted donor continues as the knife is twisted further.

Today, Liu said: "I did say I made a contribution of close to $100,000 and that is my closing comment in my statement...that is how much I believe I have donated in total to Labour and some of their MPs during their last term in Government."
That'll teach the would be power brokers over at Liarbour to be economical with the truth and ratf**k their donors.

His confirmation of the total sum of $100,000 will still leave Labour with a headache as it searches records for donations and the links between senior MPs and the wealthy businessman

An IRD/SFO audit could sort this out quick smart. 

I'd suspect it will not be the donor that ends up splattered with egg.


Anonymous said...

why would anyone in their right mind donate to the nassty Labour party anyway.

Owen Glenn handed over a fortune to them and got publicly snubbed by HC and bullyboy Mallard.

And now this case. They treat their donors like utter footrot. I'd want my money back...

Angry Tory said...

An IRD/SFO audit could sort this out quick smart.

whereas an ICAC would simple deregister the Labour. Green & NZF parties, and their associated unions - and would ensure they'd never return to NZ.