Saturday, February 28, 2015

Local government desperate to implement apartheid in NZ Aotearoa

FNDC is the latest bureaucracy to ask the nett taxpayers in their area what they think of creating local government wards based on race.  More and more councils  will be asking the same question of their electorates.

Far North residents have until March 17 to have their say on whether the council should bring in dedicated Maori wards.

Voting forms in the postal ballot have been sent to all Far North electors and arrived in most letterboxes this week.

Hopefully a big ask.  And if they don't get the answer they require?

the council decided to hold a binding poll about setting up dedicated Maori seats at the council table for the 2016 and 2019 local elections

Bollocks, nothing off their own bat here, the natives will be back again in six year's time asking the same question.  Apparently now it's the law.   Probably another unheralded Key initiated piece of racist legislation pandering to the Maori Party.

Meantime the local council will desperately look for other underhanded backdoor non-democratic means to achieve the same outcome.  The end game will be Apartheid Aotearoa.

Mr Carter said the option of dedicated seats had to be canvassed first, but if that was rejected the council would seek feedback from Maori about other options. They included setting up appointed advisory boards or representation on council standing committees.

The same old story, some of a certain lineage are more equal than others in racist New Zealand.

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