Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Treehuggers exercised over young Titirangi weeds

Residents upset with plans to axe a 500-year-old kauri in their Auckland neighbourhood have managed to keep the tree-cutters away - for now

About 100 people gathered at Paturoa Rd, in West Auckland's Titirangi, early yesterday to protest the scheduled felling of the centuries-old kauri to make way for two houses that have consent to be built on the site

Property rights mean zip to these ferals.

the climber, activist Michael Tavares, planned to remain there overnight

I'd trespass the lot of them, hosing the tree regularly to ensure the 'comfort' of any tree climbing treehuggers, making sure my property rights were upheld.

Agathis Australis (kauri) grows like a weed in the Waitakeres.  Most of the ranges were totally clear felled and farmland in the 19th century, bar a few acres here and there on the steeper inland parts, so any 'cowdy' tree in the area is not likely to be more than 150 years old.  Especially ones not 75 paces from the Manakau sewer harbour from whence the Waitakere kauris were exported worldwide.

Waitakere Ranges Local Board member Greg Presland, who was pictured with fellow member Saffron Toms and chairwoman Sandra Coney, had posted the Facebook photo

All the usual suspects are there to stir the pot.  Even her indoors from the UN with the crooked teeth makes a FB post, whilst other Lopdell House (the local hangout for arty-farty leftie greenie types dearly paid for by ratepayers) denizens like the prime nimby lawyer from Glen Eden have fronted.  No doubt all the unwashed and unemployed in the area.  All singing the same song about a 500 150 year old weed.

residents and supporters were joined by members from Reweti Marae and mana whenua (guardians of the land)

Guardians of the land?  The resident natives, fresh from Northland mid century, after murdering and eating the few resident locals, flogged their land and trees to the highest colonist bidder.  Don't make me laugh calling themselves guardians!

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