Thursday, March 12, 2015

Developers stiffed by local NIMBYs

Protest organiser Aprilanne Bonar: 

"This goes part way to achieving the outcome we require"

A local NIMBY of the worst type it would seem.  One who appears to be a director of a local tearooms, a design business and seems to live across the gully from the trees in question.  So close in fact that via Google Maps the given company address of 12 Paturoa Rd almost backs onto 40/42 Paturoa Rd.  Below is a marked up street view screen grab.  As mentioned on WOBH, no wonder she can 'watch' the trees in question.

NIMBYism of the worst kind when your immediate neighbours are willing to go feral green to keep their own backyard bush views.  And really ugly that ignoring the developer's legally consented property rights was fully supported by council, Labour and greenie reps, as well as high ranking government MPs. 

So much for democracy and a sense of community in Titirangi. 

I'd be testing my noisy chainsaw regularly on the roadside in the wee small hours for months to come in Paturoa Rd.  Something to do the next time I'm passing through JafaLand.

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