Friday, March 13, 2015

Titirangi NIMBY assists in decimation of local natives

Ms Bonar said she cut down a protected karaka tree because its poisonous berries killed her dog

Oh, the irony.  Whilst assisting in the invasion of the neighbour's private property to save young Titirangi natives weeds, she admits to cutting down native trees.  
It wasn't an old tree, it was a young tree, and it had poisonous berries and our dog was poisoned
The fruit is widely known as very poisonous to stock and animals, but it killed her sodding mutt is the excuse.  From DOC ...

... the kererū is under threat, so too are our native trees which depend on the kererū as a seed disperser. Fruit is its favourite food, and trees such as the karaka, taraire, tawa, miro and others depend on the kererū to carry their seeds to new areas of forest. The bird's extinction would be a disaster for our forests.

Only one problem.  Karaka seed being so big are only spread by one bird, the native kereru or wood pigeon which happens to have dire numbers in the cities.  So by chopping the fruiting karaka tree, she is accelerating the demise of keruru and in turn the neighbour's forest.
We're not talking about a 500-year-old kauri. I mean, it's completely different. I actually don't see the connection to what we're dealing with next door.

Bonar said she went through a "considered process" when felling the karaka tree

An own goal by the rabid NIMBY.  The hypocrisy is really strong with this one.

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