Monday, March 16, 2015

'Choo Choo' Len will be wetting himself

Transport Minister Simon Bridges has confirmed a rail option will be part of an alternative Waitemata Harbour crossing that he says will "future-proof" the proposal.

Bridges said the move was necessary because of the rapid growth in Auckland over the next 20 years

The business case will look at a range of public transport options, including heavy rail. NZTA and Auckland Transport will be working together on this part of the project, including any necessary route protection for public transport.

Somehow I don't think the Government will be stumping up for Len's wet dream toy train set, but he'll be wetting himself.  He won't get his city loop but a through rail.  Might as well utilise the big drill we've brought and paid for at Pt Chev.

Useful long term, possibly heavy rail all the way to a new port at Whangarei and linked directly to Tauranga.  Now that is worth spending big money on.  At least this option gets rail onto the North Shore.

The Government has just endorsed rail in JafaLand

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