Monday, March 16, 2015

The extra perks do not cease when fired

The Vet at No Minister supporting his beloved underpaid Natz:

And please, let no-one that MPs are well paid.   A back bench MP is paid about as much as a mid ranking Lieutenant Colonel equivalent in the military or a Deputy Principal in medium size secondary school.    Many MP's would take a salary cut on being elected.      They are not well remunerated by any stretch of the imagination and those who would argue otherwise are saying much about their own level of competence. 

Really?  Most we've seen elected recently get a massive boost in base pay with zero skills brought to the table.  They then get a large slot at the trough with utterly obscene extra perks on travel, accommodation and superannuation.

The problem is that the scum that infest Parliament think because they're doing the Lord's work that they are still entitled to the never ending list of perks when they're eventually fired.

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Anonymous said...

yes its a joke. The irony being that most of them don't even believe in the Lord, just their own hard left values...greedy, arrogant scum, the lot of them. Thieves.