Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Government pressuring mayor to ignore property rights

I think the number of protesters indicates that there is significant community interest, but ultimately that is a decision for the Council.

Well I encouraged the mayor and said, look, there is significant concern, the Government's spending $25 million on trying to protect kauri trees.

Our preference would be if a way could be found to save this tree, but the regulatory tools rest with the Council.

It was a constructive meeting with the mayor - I expressed to him some of the concerns people have over the loss of this kauri tree. He indicated to me that he wanted to get back to Auckland and look at the options.

They might have to revise their position.

The Government cannot stand the heat in the kitchen.  We know which way Lying len will flop when his tree hugging leftie mates come calling. 

Property rights in New Zealand are about to be confirmed as non-existent, but then most real New Zealanders already knew that.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, trespass is OK if you are a leftie and a tree is involved. This has much in common with the 1080 issue in my view. Both actions stem from people who have no respect for the legal process yet are treated as though they are relevant when what they need is prompt arrest. The tree huggers are trespassing and should have been arrested days ago assuming the owner has complained about the matter.