Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Terrorists and zealots are amongst us - checking the boxes

Following on from my posts yesterday, the Ferald looks at 'fringe extremists'.  You know, the sort of nutters that typically infest the left.

  • those who want to cause harm don't usually give warnings beforehand - No warnings given, treehugger climbed tree in early hours - CHECK
  • only radicals were able to justify acts as extreme as adding 1080 to infant milk if the pesticide wasn't pulled from government programmes - Treehugger willing to invade your property till you relent - CHECK
  • When people's beliefs get to that point they [have] lost perspective on matters - Is a rabid treehugging feral greenie? - CHECK
  • They feel so strongly about it they believe the ends justifies the means - CHECK
  • likely to be on the fringe of society and spending a lot of time inside their own head - Loons the lot of them, especially the Waiheke ones - CHECK
  • type of person who would go through with it would actually be deranged - You have to be totally deranged to be a greenie - CHECK
  • have a radicalised mindset. They can't be convinced otherwise. They're the types who chain themselves to buildings and you have to eventually cut the padlock rather than talk them down - Is there a rabid treehugger in your tree? - CHECK
  • do whatever they want, play with your brain and work on fear - CHECK

Checks all the boxes for your run of the mill leftie.  All are fringe extremists.  As for rabid communist greenie treehuggers, well they fit into the zealous terrorist category.

By the way Mr Key, have you fixed that domestic terrorism legislation yet?

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