Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Is your council infested with eco advisers?

An initiative to create safe and healthy rental houses in Auckland is achieving great success

landlords receive a free assessment by an Auckland Council eco advisor and a report recommending potential improvements

One wonders how many of these 'eco advisers' infest the Auckland Council?

No doubt on a six figure rate with a suitably emblazoned eco vehicle, living large justifying their existence on the ratepayer dime. 

Doing something that landlords already pay their rental agents to inspect and check on a regular basis without clipboard wielding ticket clipping bureaucrats getting in the way of their rental business.

It doesn't end there, as they say, there's more!  An eco adviser is coming to your rental soon.

Tenants receive advice on how to keep their house warmer and drier

initiative is now being adopted by other local boards around Auckland

Tenants probably get to know about simpler things like keeping windows open for good airflow.  Apparently stops the mould, but from recent pimped reports on mouldy houses in the media, tenants and common sense are a world apart.

I suppose in Len's world class most liveable city, leaving a window open is an invite to be burgled. 

And an army of eco whatevers are required to save the unwashed from themselves.

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