Saturday, September 05, 2015

Key caves into baying mob [updated]

The New Zealand government has bowed to public pressure and agreed to take an extra 100 Syrian refugees, according to the United Nations refugee agency

Well that didn't take long.  The focus polls must be in.  Key's spineless Nats cave into the baying mob of concerned lefties and others seeking 'we must be seen to be doing something'.

And I note the She Beast from the UN is still dictating ruinous policy in New Zealand.

hasn't been able to get confirmation from Prime Minister John Key's office

Gutless prick couldn't even tell the nation directly that he had caved in to the UN.

Do we really want another 100 illegal immigrants here in this country each year?  Here we go again.  Not so long ago we let one Zaoui in, now the terrorist hordes will be turning up.

A real government would never ever negotiate with terrorists.


The spineless jellyfish Key has been contacted and is backtracking with weasel words as you read this. 

Obviously detecting the mood of real New Zealanders, not the baying Aotearoan leftie socialist mob, he's got a fence firmly jammed up where the sun doesn't shine over this one, having a bob each way  awaiting the next focus poll. 

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