Monday, January 04, 2016

Another repeater interviews her keyboard

At Oakleigh about 10.15am, a 16ft boat being towed flipped off the trailer, landing upside-down

When we passed heading southward said trailer was still very much attached to the boat whilst doing "dead ants" as a package.  As shown in the picture below. 

From the picture, more a mechanical failure of the outer stub axle with subsequent detachment of the trailer from the towing vehicle.

The repeater would do well to inspect the picture closely before interviewing her keyboard next time.

And later;

About 11.50am on Saturday a car flipped on its roof on State Highway 1 on the southern side of the Brynderwyn Hills. Three occupants climbed out of the car windows and one person had to be cut out. Mr Atiq said there were no injuries.

The Brynderwyns crash blocked the southbound lane of SH1 and caused a backlog of traffic with many holidaymakers on the road heading home.

Does she want a picture of through traffic clearance mismanagement at the above Brynderwyn SH1/SH12 incident?  3x major lines of holiday traffic being let through at barely 10 vehicles a time when the slightly damaged vehicle could have been towed/pushed off the wide shouldered road onto the verge and dealt with. Not left on the road whilst traffic was blocked 5 km plus in each direction. 

Management of accident sites in NZ is non-existent.  Probably waited an hour or so for the duty bone wearer to arrive and pronounce the road again fit for traffic.

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