Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas 1970's style:

Bunnings workers in Wellington, Manawatu and Gisborne have walked off the job and gone on strike.

More than 100 workers from seven stores  in the regions voted to strike for the rest of today after a meeting this morning.

Little Andy's effing unionised scum mates go on strike bang on a major holiday period.  That'll garner massive amounts of cheer and goodwill in late 2015.

So 1970's.  It must be Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

A mate works at Bunnings - he's not in the union and thinks the union people are wankers. He wasn't inclined to have his time off messed around with so has not signed the new contract. It costs though - 40 cents an hour is what he'd get to be on a short leash and at Bunning's beck and call. Don't go far from the phone in case we call you. I can't believe employers think this is a sensible way to treat staff who are paid pretty shitty wages.