Sunday, December 13, 2015

Follow the money: PWC to get new waterfront bach

Have a squiz at who is involved in PWC's new waterfront bach.

39-level PwC Tower and the 1.1ha Wynyard Quarter innovation precinct project 

will use ANZ, CBA, BNZ, Westpac and HSBC money for the projects

The ratepayers of Auckland have really had their chain yanked with Lying Len's horrendous rate rises for his white elephant millstone of Britomart, the train loop supposedly to nowhere.  Till now.

And another Queen Street vulture surfaces:

Fletcher will demolish the existing low-rise Downtown and excavate to enable City Rail Link tunnels to be built, linking Britomart beneath the former Chief Post Office to Lower Queen St. CRL will then proceed up Albert St as the first stage of that huge transport project, then across to Mt Eden.

and the real owners of the waterfont bach show their faces.

PwC to move in above level 22

No doubt Lying Len will be very happy with his 30 pieces of silver for taking the flak whilst we pay for these Queen Street farmers in pole position on the waterfront, in full north facing sun with a rail terminus at the front door.

They say follow the money.

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Anonymous said...

An ex accountant once told me you can get shafted by IRD or avoid that by being shafted by using one of the big accountancy firms. No double dipping it seems.