Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Poverty pimping: Been there, done that

Imagine what it would be like to spend 30 per cent of what you earn on rent, then add power, phone and other unavoidable bills. Now add two kids, then reduce your income to benefit level... it doesn't leave you with much

Been there done that.  With mortgages eating up 38% plus of gross income and two kids. Bloody hard work, took at least a decade before we saw daylight.

And paid all the non-avoidable bills.  Second jobs, just got on with life, daily making decisions like the doctor or do we eat?

report uses the measure severe poverty to describe households with half the national median income after accommodation is paid, as well as lacking seven or more of 17 basic material needs such as a warm, dry house, meat, fish or chicken at least each second day, a waterproof coat, warm clothes, two pairs of shoes and a separate bed for each child

Basic material needs?  The frills like flash clothes or cars, flash TVs or yuppie phones are not basic material needs. Today's lot need to harden up instead of crying poor.

Nothing but poverty pimps who need to get their priorities sorted.


Allan said...

Well said, couldnt agree more. Most of these people need to learn personal responsibility, the old saying"if you cant feed them dont breed them" comes to mind. Also the excuse that it is in our Culture to have large families does not wash either. I work hard for my money and made a lot of sacrifices to improve my lot so as far as I am concerned it is not my responsibility to look after the great unwashed's unwanted children.

PM of NZ said...

The relative poverty measure seems a fiddle to increase the numbers. Am wondering why the accommodation is not included? I know from experience the severely constrained lifestyle that goes with exceeding 30% gross on mortgages or rent. Same reason banks will not lend if you exceed that limit - you cannot live. And you will not have money for the car, money for your union or church tithe, money for your next down payment at the local tinnie house or money for takeaways at the local greasy spoon. You get heartily sick of toast, baked beans and spaghetti.