Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jafaland Councillors: "For votes, we have more principles"

allows Aucklanders to build more quality housing, up to three storeys in some areas close to town centres and along improving transport links

Whilst Len's Labourite 2IC is plugging via this puff piece for much increased housing density via the massive changes in the unitary plan for Jafaland, other councillors are having second thoughts.

Most Aucklanders would prefer if most of those on the council were not reelected after decades of hideous rates rises, Len's folly of a toy train set to nowhere and the like.  Some would say that a piece of hemp and a nearby lamp post would suffice to cure some of Jafaland's ills.

Chris Darby has become the latest councillor to have second thoughts about dramatic housing density plans in Auckland suburbs.

The North Shore councillor told the Herald he was "undecided" and that natural justice and opportunity for public participation by those affected were key issues for him.

Mr Darby and Whau councillor, Ross Clow, have indicated in the past 24 hours that they could vote with 11 councillors who want to dump a proposal to rezone thousands of homes for more intensive housing without consulting affected property owners.

Taking heed of the voters in his ward, these councillors are willing to change their stated principles for votes at next years local body elections.  

Why do people keep electing such unprincipled nominally leftie scum?

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