Friday, February 19, 2016

Union scum hold Jafaland residents to ransom

The unionised have got up themselves because their employer has seen fit to cut their grass and get a cheaper deal for taxpayers elsewhere.   Market forces working admirably as unions overprice themselves out of a job.

One of the unions' big concerns is that Auckland Transport has recently awarded new contracts for all of Auckland's southern routes and NZ Bus has lost all of their work. Mr Froggatt said this will result in the loss of 250 jobs and the three new companies taking over pay less than at NZ bus.

And they want a pay rise for less work.

To reduce the current working day from 13 hours to 12 hours
They want an additional 60 cents per hour or 2.95 per cent

Absolute scum.  Unions should be outlawed.

But any reduction of the overpaid underworked in privately owned unionised ratholes is good news in my book.  Pity the government does not excise the union infestations in the education sector.

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