Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The picture shows it all

I've done the TVNZ (partisan leftie MSM) Vote Compass multiple times over the past few weeks.  No matter how I look at things, I always end up in the bottom right corner.  Although I was subjected to probably what you'd call a socially conservative god-bothering upbringing, many years on from there it certainly doesn't feature large in any of my current life.

In the top left corner we have the rabid Left.  Ferals the lot of them, full of entitled fraudulent, racist communists and queers who want to tax me into oblivion.  And make me pay for any white male colonial guilt I might feel along with my supposed ozone f**king farming practices.   No amount of bribes could ever entice me to vote for any offering from this corner.

We have a number of outliers - UNF, ACT which seem to end up at the trough but as always are holding on by their fingernails.  Usually put there because of dirty political deals.  As for the CON party, the people that jumped to this wagon were violently shafted with the allegations / shenanigans of their past leader from which their party will never recover.  Anyway too many god-botherers in this one for me.

Then we have NZF.  Some say a one man band, but look at the graph.  Slightly left, but still bang on the centre, no wonder LabourLite is so worried about them.  A minor leftward shift would favour them and hopefully make them kingmaker.  And WinstonFirst will look after himself.  Generation Snowflake needs a taste of the leftie sword.

Then we have the bottom right corner where I need someone to represent me.  The fence sitting LabourLite doesn't do it for me as they continually pander to their other BFF.  Yes, the Maori Party.  The Nats did once have principles but then they sold them and their integrity buying votes through their racist BFF.

So where to go?  Rainbows and unicorns from the left?  Eff off!  LabourLite or Boy Wonder of ACT.  No way - just voting for the same old.  And they're likely to think they've got the mandate for more of the same.

No, NZF it is.  As I've said before Two ticks black to disrupt the game.   Forcing LabourLite back to principles and more into my corner as a more plausible rightward offering long term.

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