Sunday, September 24, 2017

Whew! Picked the winner.

My long held view that WinstonFirst would be the necessary disrupter is now about to happen.  Picked that winner!

Unfortunately Northland didn't hold it's nerve and re-elect him, preferring some unknown with two blue ticks. 

He may have lost his seat with 7.9% but leads 9 MPs into the new Parliament to make Billy Boy a king. 

Some might say to make horse features a Queen.  I still doubt he'll go near anything with a tree hugger or a three way split featuring rainbows and unicorns being micro-managed by H1.

Some good news though. 

The racist party has gone "back to the mothership for more abuse" and in doing so it are out of the game.  No more "our people" this and that.

The Graft party still hugs onto the rotten corpse of a self-confessed fraud.  Bar the feral tree hugging core, the overall numbers show what the electorate thought of that.   Good news, the fraud is out with the populace eagerly awaiting her next chapter, possibly with criminal charges. Mind you, the possible new entry is trying already to mark her territory by coming out swinging with "I wouldn't say he's super representative of the youth of today".

Meanwhile the sharks are already circling.

Cannot wait to watch the rabid left go into meltdown as they watch years 9 to 12 of 'the neo-liberal experiment' work for all under the newly crowned King of New Zealand.

A great result for the winner.  As I have long held, never underestimate Winnie!

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Anonymous said...

What happened? The 'King' was snubbed. Winston was never going to go with National, not with an English-led National, at any rate. Why are so many voters always, always fooled? Winston First, always!