Thursday, November 07, 2019

National decides to remain in opposition forever

National will support the Zero Carbon Bill

Those at National will never get my vote whilst they support this business destroying climate change / carbon nonsense.

Enjoy your next 4 years and longer in opposition as your Labour-Lite follows the herd into the abyss of socialism, as I long for a principled right of centre party.   And ACT is not that with their current loopy assisted suicide / murder your granny policies.

Whilst business in New Zealand is gutted by greenie ferals, the world will continue unabated.


Anonymous said...

3 years.

Anonymous said...

Three years.

PM of NZ said...

for Anon:
Nov 2019 to Nov 2020 (election date or thereabouts) = 1 year
Nov 2020 to Nov 2023 = 3 years
1 year + 3 years = 4 years.

From Nov 2023 add further term for the 'or longer' bit.

Unknown said...

Yup got it. Sorry too much good plonk. Bloody Nat sell outs! Labour Dark...