Sunday, November 17, 2019

WTF #34258 in a series???

Yet again the poor wee darlings are getting triggered...

going to a supermarket can leave her feeling guilty and overwhelmed about the amount of plastic present

was surprised when he started sweating and wanting to flee during a "suffocating" visit to his local supermarket in Auckland three weeks ago

Counsellors and psychologists are seeing an increase in patients presenting with plastic-triggered anxiety

The enablers of such dim-wittery, the so called counsellors who are ever present in our institutions and places of education, should be banned from practicing their modern witchcraft.

If you want to eat in this modern world of just-in-time food sourcing and consumption, you need to appreciate all the things that our oil based society does for you.  Including the fuel that got you and your food to the little shop of horrors, on that oil based roadway.

Harden up snowflakes!


pdm said...

I saw but did not read the artcle/post - couldn't stand it.

What is with her parents - surely a bit of sound parental advice could solve the problem. If need be followed by a whack on her posterior - oops not allowed to do that now.

Shame really because my just turned 49 year old daughter reckons one of the best things I did for her was whack her backside a couple of times in front of two or three of her friends when she was about 18 - I happened to walk into the room as she called her mother a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Yes PDM, a swift kick or a slap round the chops when required promptly sorted most rugrats.

The modern parenting skill set of letting ankle biters throw a tanty on the supermarket floor makes me thinks there's a kid in serious need of corporal discipline. Just like the one in the click bait story.

Closer to home whilst babysitting, I was recently sorely tested when a grandchild full of his own self importance dared to utter "and who put you in charge?". One of course cannot do such things these days as Mr Plod, having been summoned by the offended wee darling knowing all his rights, would be on the door step quick smart.

PM of NZ