Thursday, November 26, 2020

A dish best served cold?

To eat crow:

being proven wrong might be emotionally hard to swallow

Her indoors supposedly presiding over a 'team of 5 million' has quickly invited the self styled 'President-Elect' to visit.  Socialists flocking together.

Unfortunately with all the serious court cases being laid today and over the next few weeks such a request may be premature as said 'Prez-Elect' may not be passing Go but be in the cohort of socialists heading straight to a federal jail.

It's been done before.  Washington Post had this to say re Truman vs Dewey:

You Are Hereby Invited To A "Crow Banquet" To Which This Newspaper Proposes To Invite Newspaper Editorial Writers, Political Reporters And Editors, Including Our Own, Along With Pollsters, Radio Commentators And Columnists ... Main Course Will Consist of Breast of Tough Old Crow En Glace.

I look forward to the smug being wiped off her face when she confirms the invitation with the rightful winner post-Jan 20th next year.  Will the said newspaper repeat the request?

Definitely a dish best served cold.

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