Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another quango too big for its boots

The Problem Gambling Foundation is seeking legal advice over a possible High Court challenge to a controversial Government decision to axe funding for most of its services for gambling addicts.

Chief executive Graeme Ramsey, whose own job is likely to be among about 52 jobs to go on June 30, said he had already had "preliminary advice" on the body's legal options.

Eh?   You've gotta be bloody joking.  A gummint funded quango,  long overdue for the chop to save the taxpayer from its political rantings now wants to sue the gummint.

The sooner self serving quangos and the overpaid indulgent that infest them are excised from my wallet, the better.


Anonymous said...

and I suppose you are a high roller?

Rupert Bezr

PM of NZ said...

No Mr Bear, gambling is a game for losers. Maybe a flutter now and then, but it seems that the PGF gambled the house and lost.