Friday, March 07, 2014

Another sensitive wee petal spouting from his ivory tower wants Internet censorship [UPDATE]

Auckland University of Technology PhD scholar Steven Elers found derogatory terms associated with Maori

Seems Kiwis often ask Google why local natives are 'stupid, lazy, scum, violent' ** and the like so many times that a professional student in his ivory tower has gone all sensitive and wants to censor the Internet.

What are we actually inputting in there and what kind of mentality or section of society of New Zealand is there that would do such a thing?

the results for Maori were based largely on what New Zealanders put in Google searches, it raised the issue of how Kiwis viewed Maori

Poor wee petal.  My heart bleeds.  If that's how Kiwis view the locals in the victim hood mentality of entitlement whilst on the cultural gravy train, so be it.

In this modern age of free speech, Google's search engine has the correct result and does not require censorship.

** autopredict results from Google search on 'Maori are ' this morning


Google has pandered to offended the native by lunchtime and censored the Internet by making any query for 'Maori are' only return 'nice' autopredict results.  I prefer my search engines to return autopredict results warts and all.

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