Sunday, March 09, 2014

Rodney sticks the knife into Cunnliffe

What part of your political brain thought it a good idea to run donations through a secret trust?

Secret trusts? Anonymous donations? Big business? US bagman? That's how we attack Tories. Now they are attacking us.

You look sleazy. You look tricky. You look like a hypocrite.

The esteemed Mr Hide shows he still has the nous of a pugnacious political terrier.  He has yet more advice for Silent T.

You were right to 'fess up. But you should have spilled the lot. You let them drag it out of you bit by bit. That kept the story alive.

It doesn't matter that you are giving their money back. You took it last year when you didn't think you would be caught. Handing it back now makes it look too dodgy.

Noting it is only six days to the Ides, Rodders knifes the arrogant pompous new kid on the block from the expensive mansion in the leafy suburbs of Herne Bay.

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