Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Natives to close 90 mile beach

Far North iwi say they plan to limit access to Ninety Mile Beach for cars and tour buses after their Treaty agreement is passed into law

That didn't take long!  That's what comes of pandering to the racist party.

it did not want to "disrupt the local life and use of the beach too much"

there definitely will be changes around vehicular access

Read that as "Free entry for the bros, another beach entry tax coming right up for the evil colonisers."


Anonymous said...

They have bloody changed the name as well. FFS, didn't Key assure us that none of the above kind of bs would happen? Evil govt has allowed it..

This is how civil wars begin...


Barry said...

Yes, if no government ever stops crawling to part-horis NZers will some day have to fight them in the streets to take the country back from them. Whose side would the army be on, I wonder?