Sunday, November 02, 2014

What is the matter with these pricks?

it's about proving that over a period of time you've got a commitment to the crime

not a piece of property used to "facilitate or assist the commission of a crime"

A gang patch is only earned through serious crime.  It is nothing but a potent symbol of intimidation. 

I always thought the law was clear: Get caught doing crime, lose your patch.  End of.

A District Court judge's innovative attempt to punish a gang member by ordering he forfeit his patch has been overturned by the High Court

I just don't see a piece of cloth, which is sewn onto a jacket, as being an instrument to enable crime.

A dud High Court Judge and an academic taking liberties with the intended law.  Joe Public wants gangs out of New Zealand, nothing less.


Jamie said...

Looks like a clear case of 'commies at work'

Anonymous said...

shame is patch wasn't torched, that is what is needed. Scum.