Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bastard unions

Like civil unions, unions are an anachronism that should be outlawed.

Full of bastards, period.

WOBH has been examining bastards he has met in the course of employment over the years and notes his pathological hatred of all things union.

Like myself. My comment at his site below;
As an apprentice all those years ago I too witnessed the time serving mostly whinging Pom import union reps who knocked off at 5 to. 15 minutes to or more if they had to walk back from the other side of the factory. Also the vitriolic country-wide stoushes between unions and management when Kawerau / Kinlieth engineers wanted pneumatics that the sparkies said was their pitch due the electric interfaces. The sparkies won in our factory.

Dockyard maties in later employment had the black arts of unionism down pat. Nothing like the leverage of a frigate about to come out of refit to raise the bargaining power of those mongrels.

Those early days put me off union bastards for life with a venomous hatred of any union rep to this day. And worse still, my old man, God rest his soul, was an out and out card carrying wharfie. Don't get me started on those lazy pricks. Heard of 'rain money'? Look it up sometime. Used to be good fodder for a 'discussion' though.

Why is John Key sucking up to unions?

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