Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Great Kiwi Firewall

The right to use the internet is a vital one,
but libraries can provide it.

So that was their grand scheme under s92a. To have all Internet access onsite at a local library. Taxes for access collected at logon. The Great Kiwi Firewall.

Just how did this Liarbour trougher expect me to be able to peruse subversive material such as No Minister and other VRWC blogs. MWT will jump at the next ratings release as his traffic is severely curtailed. I can just imagine some failed school marm at the local library giving my browsing the once over. No pr0n Barnsley Bill ever again.

Must be part of that FTA we signed last year with those human rights abusers who think they own Tibet. Don't they have a pro-active firewall in place to limit subversives?

HT Crusader Rabbit

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Barnsley Bill said...

we will have top pron this friday