Monday, March 16, 2009

Labor goes walkabout

Industries like solar thermal and geo-thermal will power our future and power job creation.

Incumbent ALP at their conference has promised the world to make Queensland 'the solar state of Oz'. Also stakes their chances on creating a 'Green Army' of 100,000 new jobs whilst doing an ex-NZ copycat 2000 Km long walk. Never mind, Kevin was there to help.

I'd say too much time in that sun on walkabout. Mind you, Queensland politics has always been about the biggest bribe. And dirt.
The Bligh government asks where is all the money coming from?" he said.

"We simply say where has all the money gone?"

In his speech, federal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull accused the Bligh government of delivering a terrible trifecta of higher unemployment, higher debt and more strikes.

"They're so incompetent they couldn't sell fresh fish to starving seals."

The other side patently has a more realistic handle on the economy.

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