Monday, March 02, 2009

Normal service resumes at MWT

Lee has seen fit to resume normal service.

A wake up call for us lurkers not being active commenters.

And for the ladies who can't stop smiling, I guess the 'future Mrs Monkey' is being replaced.


LaFemme said...

Evening PM of NZ. It gave me a bit of a fright when Monkey tried to throw himself off the bridge, and it made me think -- there's a number of blog sites I read but only a few I comment on.
So here I am to say I like your blog, I hope you keep at it, and I'll do my best to post more often.

PM of NZ said...



PM of NZ said...

Also, unfortunately I get very lazy about commenting on other blogs - on dialup it is just too slow to load most pages.

Inventory2 said...

PM - don't worry about the "future Mrs Monkey" - we should be fearful for Lee's health when the PRESENT Mrs Monkey finds out what he's proposing!!

PM of NZ said...


I suspected as much. Must be a mid-life crisis or something of the like for such a cry from the keyboard.

If he's not getting any now, even birthdays and Xmases will be on stoppage when the real her indoors finds out.

Who knows - the whole exercise could have been a bit of pure genius link whoring to raise his hit ratings. Trollop!