Friday, February 17, 2012

Extreme force??? I'll give you extreme!

upset at the "apparent extreme use of force" by Nelson police to apprehend the pair.

apparent extreme use of force on these young people – especially the use of guns held to their heads while they were on the ground and handcuffed

Let's look at the litany of offences.

  • pair were arrested at Hira after a five-day crime spree beginning in Christchurch.
  • driving a stolen Jaguar
  • had a loaded airgun on the back seat
  • had "no intention of stopping"
  • the pair had been tracked by police through Kaikoura, Seddon, Blenheim, Havelock and Rai Valley
  • taking cars
  • stealing property
  • were confronted with officers armed with rifles, pistols and Tasers
  • their car was stopped by road spikes

And some prick of a desk-jockey has had the temerity to complain they had rights?

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