Thursday, February 16, 2012

Howse dat working 4U?

Liarbour introduced the much argued concept in the Local Government ACT 2002. Now the results are in.

  • Inflation since 2002 was about 3%
  • Rates rises since 2002 a proven 7%
As most ratepayers have been saying for yonks.

The thieves that infest our councils have been making the most of our money implementing unrelenting pinko "we know what's good for you (and for our pockets)" socialist programmes.

For many years, ratepayers have expressed concern about rate increases that have well outstripped inflation. The previous Government responded to those concerns by setting up a ministerial inquiry, the Local Government Rates Inquiry, and then ignoring its recommendations.

Rodney Hide amended it in 2010 with little effect to my rates. Tararua District Council recently put my annual rates up by a shocking 40%. After writing to him, the Mayor as good as said it was justified to charge the crap out of lifestyle blocks.

a failure by councils to control their spending

Now the Nats say they are looking closely at the negative changes the 2002 law made. Not before time.

How's the concept 'power of general competence' working 4U? To me, it smacks of nothing but rank incompetence.

source: on telly tonight - not online yet.

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Anonymous said...

You pretty much do nothing but whine screechingly and uselessly into the ether don't you? Perhaps you should get another hobby. Your constant feelings of outrage and disappointment must be bad for your health.