Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Not bad conditions for the wages

Fresh from their summer hols, in recent days pandering to the racists and separatists with outstretched hands that leech off the productive, our political masters return to the trough today.

Not one of them has done an ounce of work, apart from getting elected at great expense in the pursuit of the farce that is New Zealand democracy, since early November last year. Three bloody months doing sweet FA on the taxpayer dime.

Great employment conditions on 6-figures to slurp at the trough for another three years.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you should declare yourself emperor. I'm sure you'd do a much better job of running the place than a democratically elected legislature. Your first command could be to ban the gayers and your second could be to close the US embassy given that its leader is a Kenyan usurper.

This post is simply the vacuous whining of a kooky tory dickwad.