Monday, February 20, 2012

Rent-a-mob finishes up with threat

The Maori Party has threatened to walk away from its government coalition deal with National over the inclusion of Section 9

Fresh from the hastily put together discussions over the partial sale of taxpayer assets, rent-a-mob has issued a threat. Wonder how much that exercise pandering to racists cost me?

Now that some have had free and frank discussions at taxpayer expense, one wonders whether the other 90% of the populace are to get a chance to have their say.

Stop wondering, the answer is never.

Key has said he doesn't believe the clause can be carried over, but said it could be modified

Key is over a barrel for their vote to retain power for three years, the racist separatists know it and can afford to be stroppy. "Could be modified"? Delete it and call their bluff. They'll stay in the trough.

Unfortunately Key will accede to their demands, that is a given. After all he has spent the last three years pissing in their pockets. The first you and me will know about it is when your next power bill comes with a Taniwha Tax (tm) with matching logo at great expense.

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Anonymous said...

Key is just a puppet, you must realise that. Weak, proud, in love with his own popularity.

Whenether I think of Key I always see the image of him as a young finance trader, pissing into a bottle, so he doesn't lose big bucks. Says it all.