Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dole bludger being precious

Why don't you work in McDonald's or as a labourer?
Indeed. Why not?

The choice was either stay on the dole or do a masters, so I came back... “But there was nothing out there” in his fields of human resources, adminstration, or policy analysis

IMHO, being a professional student is the same as being on the dole. Both are unemployed, living off someone else's hard earnt taxes.

I haven't spent five years studying to do work I could have done straight out of high school

Precious prick. He and his dole bludging ilk need to have access to the benefit river curtailed. Immediately.

ps He could volunteer to be a Fairfax subbie and show them how to correctly spell 'administration' with all his utterly worthless degrees in social engineering!

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Anonymous said...

eg fucken zackly..i graduated in 93 and it took almost 2 years doing all sorts of shit before i finally got the break. now qualify as a rick prick. Lazy fucks want to walk straight into $80k or start winging