Monday, August 13, 2012

One new ministry coming right up...

the Government will be watching closely to make sure lessons are learned from the blunder

Let's get this in perspective. New Zealand punts up about 25 or so professionals amateurs for some overly expensive quadrennial games.

And our bloated sporty type bureaucracy in tow was proven to be seriously overworked, forgetting to get their charges onto the starting lists. No doubt too busy looking good at all the schmoozing pre-events, but at least they managed to get their own airline seats booked.

Heads should have rolled by now before any new ministry is mooted. In the corporate world those responsible would have long fallen on their sword, along with the bottom feeders further up the chain. We don't need any new ministry Murray.

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KG said...

Amazing, isn't it, how many effing bureaucrat parasites can make a living off athletes? In the lead-up to the Sydney Olympics, it was seriously suggested that the number of athletes marching in the opening ceremony would have to be cut back--because there were so many bloody "officials" marching!